A long time ago...

Shreveport Arcade was founded in 2015 with the goal of bringing independently developed games to local arcades. Everyone has a favorite local band or local beer. The same should be true of local games.


We are independent game developers.

We make the kinds of games that we like to play.


We are arcade machine makers.

Our arcade machines are modular, durable, affordable, light weight, and built with modern components. Control panels and box art can easily be changed for different games. The monitor can rotate to accomodate both horizontal and vertical games. Problems can be diagnosed by anyone familiar with a computer.


We believe local games should be in local arcades.

You'll make money, grow your audience, and be able to watch people play your games in front of you. Lobbies, laundromats, pizza places, bowling allies, movie theatres, amusement parks, arcades, and bars all provide a captive audience to test your ideas on.


We love arcades.

We love the real social connections of local co-op. We love that controllers are designed for their games instead of the other way around. We love big, beautiful side art. We love the warm glow of a marquee. We love the line of quarters on the bezel. We love hating the guy with every high score. We love drinking and playing games with our friends without having to cleanup later.